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just trying to work through some feelings 

i really wanted to finish this but BED

Posted 1 day ago

so i guess i’m gonna do all of these now

Posted 1 day ago

more true detective sketches

the tax man cometh~

Posted 1 day ago

i heard that it was someone’s special day

Posted 4 days ago

can’t stop won’t stop drawing true detective

this is only the beginning

Posted 1 month ago

threw some color on those sketches

I like em better now ♡

Posted 1 month ago

more ink practice—arya, loras, original character and baby snape


Posted 1 month ago

Messing with new pens. Ink is weird and scary wehhh

Posted 1 month ago

drew some scary cute mermaids

Posted 2 months ago

tsundere shinji ikari