Posted 5 days ago

quick sketch of mama d

Posted 3 weeks ago

threw some color on those sketches

I like em better now ♡

Posted 3 weeks ago

more ink practice—arya, loras, original character and baby snape


Posted 4 weeks ago

Messing with new pens. Ink is weird and scary wehhh

Posted 1 month ago

drew some scary cute mermaids

Posted 1 month ago

tsundere shinji ikari

Posted 2 months ago


drew some goddesses in mythology, based on their statues and art

from left to right: aphrodite, athena, hera, artemis, hestia.

Posted 3 months ago

thanks for deleting this tumblr

typhlosion is not amused

Posted 3 months ago

now here are some tragic assholes i haven’t thought about in like 100 years

Posted 3 months ago

i literally drew for ten hours today